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Water Damage Restoration in Farmington Hills, MI

Water damage Restoration in Farmington Hills MI is need if your home has experienced these types of problems. Maybe you have had a plumbing failure, a tap or pipe burst or your washing machine has failed. It could something as simple as a tap left on. Or it could be more serious, heavy rainfall, a nearby river flooded or the drains have blocked and overflowed. Whatever the cause and however minor or major the flood is there will always be some damage to repair

Before you can even begin to assess the damage you need to remove all of the water. For a small flood this can be done quite easily with buckets, mops and cloths. For a larger flood you may need to use equipment such as pumps and vacuums. With an exceptionally severe flood you must remember that the water has to be removed slowly, at a rate of around 2-3 feet per day. If the water is removed too quickly there may be more pressure on the outside of the building than there is on the inside and you run the risk of further damage, even building collapse.

Once the water has been removed any debris that is left lying will have to be cleared out. In big floods you will find a lot of dirt and mud is left after the water has receded or been pumped out. This can be removed with shovels; it should be bagged up and taken away as it may be hazardous to health. For this job you should ensure that you have the correct safety equipment, i.e. good boots, protective clothing, goggles and face masks.

Water Damage Restoration Farmington Hills MI

When all the water and debris has been cleared you can begin to assess the damage caused by the flood. Carpets, curtains and furnishings will either need to be removed and dried thoroughly or, if they have been submerged in water for more than 24 hours, discarded completely. You need to check for cracks in walls and floors as this will be a sign of more serious damage. … Read more here..