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The Damaging Effects of Water

We build our homes in Toronto and the GTA to protect us from the elements of nature. Much of the planning that goes into building a home focuses on successfully keeping the water outside and inside the home under control. This includes keeping rain and snow out of the home and ensuring that the plumbing within the home does not leak. Home builders recognize the extreme amounts of damage that water can cause to the structure and components of a home when it is not properly contained.

Despite our best efforts, water damage continues to be one of the leading causes of structural damage to homes. Water and moisture that is not thoroughly removed often leads to rotting wood and in many cases mold will develop as well. Structural damage is extremely expensive and often requires extensive time to properly repair. It is absolutely imperative that action be taken quickly when water damage is discovered in order to minimize immediate and long-term complications.

Mold is a Serious Issue

Mold remediation has grown into a major industry today due to the dangers that have been identified as a result of mold growth in a home. Mold will begin growing easily in any area that is wet or moist, especially the basement. Any home that experiences water damage is a prime area for mold to begin growing and quickly cause issues for the inhabitants of the home. Undetected mold can quickly get out of control and become a major problem. Some known health issues from mold exposure include:

  •  Itchy and watery eyes
  •  Difficulty breathing
  •  Chest tightening
  •  Other respiratory problems

The best water damage restoration companies will also perform comprehensive services that work to eliminate the chances of mold growth. This includes the usage of high power drying devices and thermal cameras that can detect moisture behind walls and other obstacles. Continue reading this for more info about this issue.

Quality Renovations

When water damage is thorough it can cause the need for the water damaged materials to be completely removed. This may mean that a wall, floor or ceiling needs to be … Read more here..