The Importance Of Knowing The Fire Safety Regulations For Your State

By | August 3, 2016

When you open a business, there are many responsibilities that come with it. Buying stock, managing and hiring staff, health and safety and numerous other jobs. In all the work and confusion, it is very easy to miss a few things, and while that is understandable, one of your priorities needs to follow fire safety regulations of your local State

Setting aside rules and regulations for a second, Just imagine how you would feel if something was to go wrong at your business premises and fire was to break out. The guilt and emotion you would feel if you had not complied with the various regulations, should someone get hurt, or worse would haunt you for the rest of your life. This alone should be enough to ensure you follow the various rules, but there are also strict penalties in place for those that choose to ignore them.

Each state has different Fire Safety Regulations in place, so it is essential as a business owner that you are aware of and understand the specific laws that relate to your state. Ignorance of the law is not a defense, and the responsibility is fully on your shoulders to ensure full compliance.


You have a responsibility to have certain health and safety equipment on your premises, such as fire extinguishers. These need to be of a certain type and need to be serviced and maintained to a certain schedule. It is important that you designate responsibility to a member of staff to ensure compliance as this is certainly one of those things that can easily slip by unnoticed. Another essential check is that your fire alarms are running properly and that the batteries are changed annually, or at least as often as the manufacturer recommends.

Planning and Organisation – Command Structure

Should the worst happen and a fire was to break out,,, you need to have set appropriate procedures in place. Every member of staff should be fully versed in what to do, and someone should have a dedicated role as fire warden, etc. When a fire inspection takes place, you may be asked about these procedures so it is important that everyone knows their responsibilities.

Penalties You Need To Be Aware Of

The Fire Department for obvious reasons have a large amount of power, right up to and including the ability to shut down your business immediately for fire regulation breaches. Not only is this costly to your business in the short term, but it could be fatal to your local reputation and the long-term sustainability of your business.

The best advice for any small business is to employ a company that specializes in fire safety rules and regulations. The small cost will repay itself time and time again both in business and peace of mind terms. Here is an excellent video that will provide you with some extra information and advice for your small business.

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