Guest Author: What Will Your Home Insurance Policy Cover After Water Damage to Your Home

By | October 6, 2015

Water damage remediation services are a must when there is serious water damage to your home but unfortunately, this isn’t the only thing home owners have to contend with. Too many owners don’t actually know what is covered in their insurance policies. Yes, you heard it right and let’s be honest, this is an area which is unclear and often grey. So, what will a home insurance policy cover with damage caused by water?

Mold Damage May Be Covered

Now, mold is something which is of course very dangerous for a home and very deadly to someone’s health and it can at times be covered on a home insurance policy but not always. Some insurance carriers will have certain criteria in order for a policy to cover this but not always; it really depends on who you have a policy with and what you specifically ask for. If you live in a very old house which has had problems with mold in the past, you may not get mold cover. However, if you have had damage recently, you need to look at water damage remediation Orange County to hopefully prevent mold from forming.

Floods Will Not Be Covered

Generally, most home insurance policies don’t cover water damage because of a flood. Of course, there may be some insurance carriers who do offer this but generally many don’t especially for those in high-risk flooding areas. If water got into the home and destroyed or damaged property because of a broken roof or window then you would be covered. Flooding is quite a murky area because storms and a burst pipe in the home aren’t usually covered but leaks from broken windows and roofs are so you do need to understand the policy. Remember to use water damage remediation Orange County service when there is serious damage. More details here!

Storms and Gradual Water Damage

Every policy may be different when it comes to dealing with gradual water damage and damaged cause by storms. For example if you have a leak from a pipe in your home and you haven’t had it fixed, then you won’t be eligible to claim that on your insurance. However, certain storms and natural disasters may be covered depending on the type of policy you hold. You need to contact the insurance agent to be sure what you’re covered for as well as contact water damage remediation services to cleanse the damaged area.

Insurance Policies Vary

There are going to be some policies which specifically cover all forms of natural disaster and some that don’t, it’s the same with certain circumstances. You may be fortunate to be covered for any situation but then again, maybe not. It’s important to understand what your policy offers you to ensure you know for sure what you will be covered for and what you are not. This isn’t just important for your home but also getting water damage remediation services; some policies may help cover some expenses which is why you need to be sure what your policy specifically offers your home.

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