Flood Water Damage Oakland County MI

By | October 6, 2015

Have you been the victim of flood water damage      Oakland County? Even something as simple as a burst pipe or tap can often turn into something far more serious, depending on the amount of water that is spilled or overflowed. The damage that water causes can be devastating, time consuming and expensive to repair.
The State of Michigan lies within the Great Lakes region and has over 3200 miles of freshwater coastline. Snowfall in the winter averages between 40 and 70 inches and temperatures regularly drop below freezing. Combine this with the spring thaw and heavy rainfall and you see the very real risk of flooding.

Even minor floods, from a burst tap or pipe that is caught quickly can cause a great deal of damage. If the water is not removed quickly and properly then you start to run the risk of both wet and dry rot, decay and, in some more severe cases, structural damage to your property. Loss of personal property, damage to electrical items, furniture and carpets are all likely no matter how large or small the flood.

Water will seep into floors and walls. If the flood has been caused by an underground leak then the chances it has gone undetected for some time and the damage may already have been done to the structure.

If water removal and drying out is not carried out properly then you will start to see damp. And where there is damp there is normally mold and fungi and this, if untreated can cause serious health problems.

Flood water damage Oakland County can also destroy the electrical circuitry of your home and can cause damage to gas mains. Sewage pipes can be damaged, in turn causing a contaminated water supply, thus spreading disease and potentially leaving you without a source of drinkable water.

Flash flooding is a real risk in Michigan, particularly for those who live near to the coast, lakes or one of the many levees and dams. Structural damage to buildings is highly likely especially if foundations are undermined. The sheer speed at which water can move under these conditions has the potential to raze buildings to the ground and carry vehicles away.

There are ways to prepare for flooding and to try and prevent as much damage as you possibly can. At the end of the day though, where any sort of flooding occurs damage of some kind is inevitable and virtually inescapable. You should ensure that you have adequate flood protection insurance to cover the cost of water removal, repairs and replacement of damaged items.

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